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It's a Wistful World.

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My work represents an artistic vision of time, fashion and technology- A time when high color and materialism masks a somber nature-- where humans are possessed with humors containing black bile and melancholy temperaments. "Wistful World" is a new blend manga & pop surrealism- mixed with lugubrious emotions created with watercolors, gouache and Prisma markers. My inspiration stems from victorian-era medical devices, geekery and cosplay/outlandish costumery ~ All blended together!
Wistful World
These are inspired by pop surrealism (lowbrow) with hints of Japanese Manga. This artwork expresses a desire to display more "edgy" and dark emotions with my characters.

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Graceful compositions, wild fashion and intricate design. Exploring the use of split complimentary colors, pounding lights against darks, and using patterns that flow gracefully to the eye. Originally, I was fascinated with Amedeo Modigliani who painted long necked portraits in the late 1800's.

Misérable Couture
This work is paper cuts designs mounted on painted watercolor canvas. This is a fun way to create art by changing the technique up a bit.